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DrumCraft Concert Snare YB

Sensitive response in all dynamic levels

Concert snare drums must keep pace with all dynamic levels in an orchestra, from soft buzz rolls to powerful accents at the highest volume. This is not an easy task, but DrumCraft’s developers have convincingly mastered it. Our Concert Snares come in sizes of 14″ x 5″ and 14″ x 6.5″ and are available with wood or metal shells. They produce an extremely sensitive and articulate sound whether played with sticks, mallets, rods or brushes.

DrumCraft Concert Snare BBB

Bubinga or brass – the choice is yours

For the metal shells of our Concert Snare Drums, we use brass. The sound of these drums is crisp and well-balanced whereas our Concert Wood Snares have the typical warmth and richness of Bubinga wood. In addition to a three-ply shell in conventional construction, we also offer a version with additional reinforcement rings. The triple snare strainer allows a variety of tonal gradations that cannot be achieved with a standard snare drum.


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