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Playing DrumCraft Concert Toms

Melodic playing on the toms

Our Concert Toms are available in sizes from 8 to 24 inches in diameter and provide a huge range of pitches and timbres. We offer two types of Concert Toms: double-headed walnut/maple toms for a full and resonant sound and single-headed birch toms which cut through and are easy to tune to specific pitches. In the orchestra, sets of four, six or eight drums are usually used.

DrumCraft Concert Tom

Walnut/maple and birch shells for clear tonality

To meet the high acoustic requirements in the orchestra, we use only the best woods for our Concert Toms. The 5,6mm thick shells for the double-headed toms are a seven-ply walnut/maple hybrid construction with two plies of walnut inside and outside and a three-ply maple core. For the single-headed toms we use seven plies of birch with a total thickness of 5,8mm. 45 degree bearing edges ensure a focused sound with a clear tonality.

The natural beauty of wood

Acoustic musical instruments with natural wood surfaces have a centuries-old tradition and are still as popular as ever. Our birch and walnut finishes provide a timeless and beautiful aesthetic that complements classic orchestral instruments. The shiny chrome hoops, tension lugs and mounting brackets perfectly suit the matte satin finishes, enhancing the vibrant pattern of the wood.

Concert Tom Birch Finish
Concert Tom Walnut Finish


Single Shells
DrumCraft Concert Tom 08"x08" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom
DrumCraft Concert Tom 10"x09" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom Birch
DrumCraft Concert Tom 12"x10" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom 13"x11" Birch
DrumCraft Concert Tom 13"x11" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom 14"x12" Birch
DrumCraft Concert Tom 14"x12" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom 16"x14" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom 18"x16" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom 20"x16" Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom Walnut
DrumCraft Concert Tom 24"x20" Birch
DrumCraft Concert Tom 24"x20"
DrumCraft Concert Toms Set Birch
DrumCraft Concert Toms Set Walnut

Grab the Perfect hardware.

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