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Precision craftsmanship for ambitious drummers.

The Series 6 offers precision craftsmanship for ambitious drummers. The striking look of these kits is matched with an intensely rich tone and the drum shell’s incredible attack. The Drumcraft name is synonymous with precision-engineered and meticulously crafted drums and the series 6 embodies these traits fully.

Hybrid Maple Walnut shells.

The Series 6 shells are 6.4mm 8-ply hybrid shells consisting of four exterior plies of walnut wood (two on either side) and four maple plies on the inside. This creates a beautifully rich and intense tone and the 45-degree bearing edge produces the modern pop and rock sound so many drummers are looking for.

Finished with care.

The Series 6 is beautifully and exquisitely finished to showcase the high-quality woods that are used in constructing the shells. We offer four beautiful satin finishes and two eye-catching High Gloss lacquer finishes. The striking contrast of dark to light really highlights the versatility of the walnut wood. Our two new satin finishes “Satin Black to Red Fade” and “Satin Black to Vivid Blue Fade” combine two beautiful colours and give you a very special look.

DrumCraft Finsh Satin Black To Vivid Blue
Satin Black To
Vivid Blue Fade
Satin Black To Red Fade
Black To
Purple Sparkle
Satin Black
Satin Natural
White Burst

Precision-engineered hardware.

All Series 6 kits with satin finishes come with precision-engineered brushed nickel hardware, while the one available lacquer finish is paired with black powdered chrome hardware. The Slim ZGM zero-gravity tom mounts, which are buffered with four small gaskets, support the toms in mid-air, ensuring maximum resonance.


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Grab the Perfect hardware.

Series 6 Single Pedal

Series 6 Hi-Hat Stand

Series 6 Boom Stand