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Take it to the next level!

The Series 4 is the perfect choice for the intermediate drummer. Whether you’re in the studio, on the stage or shooting for your Instagram, the Series 4 offers high performance and a stunning tone. The lacquer finishes with black hardware offer a sophisticated and striking look in a mixture of colours and moods.

Warm and precise tone.

The Series 4 offers players a warm and precise tone that’s perfect for rock and pop sounds. The shells of the Series 4 are 5.6 mm 7-ply Mahogany Poplar hybrid shells with a 45-degree bearing edge. This mahogany brings warmth and the 45-degree bearing edge delivers the precise modern sound we all know and love!

Made to last.

The hardware on the Series 4 is all precision engineered and built for reliability and longevity. The original and distinguished black powdered chrome DrumCraft lugs are perfectly aligned with the stainless steel tension rods to help with easy tuning that lasts a long time. The triple-flanged hoops make for a precise and resonant tone.




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